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Memories for the characters participating in this! Please let me know what you want and if you want more information, or if you want something not on this list (if you know the canon). I'm happy to write out passages to give you a better idea or provide links to youtube clips!


Thoughts, cravings, sensations:

-Cold; intense, irritating, bone-numbing cold!
-Jon is emo kid, so there are a lot of feelings of exclusion and loneliness, being lost, or being left out.
-While everyone keeps telling him he knows nothing, there are some feelings of yes I know this, especially from his Lord Commander days.


-Finding the direwolf puppies and Ghost back when he was tiny
-Don't tell Sansa and a hug from Arya, which basically makes his year
-Swordfighting practice with Robb - something he's actually good at

-Becoming Lord Commander
-Sending Sam away and the "baby swap"
-Being told that the next time he meets his father, they'll talk about Jon's mother

-Finding out his father died and the flight south
-Killing the Halfhand
-Being told to leave when Bran was in a coma by Catelyn


Thoughts, cravings, sensations

-She uses catnip as a recreational drug. Similar but different from weed, as it produces a slightly different kind of buzz.
-The feeling of power and ego, and pride, it's all very strong.
-Intense, unbridled rage.
-Thoughts of restraint, ideas about karma, the compulsion to try and not give into her instincts


-A very pleasant conversation with her grandmother. Her grandmother is English, with a slight Indian accent over the British one. The conversation is basically about nothing, just her day.
-An extremely vivid memory of a sexual encounter with a man in an alleyway.
-Her promotion from just a contract editor to a contract negotiator. She works for a company that manages international gun trade and regulation so that will be part of this memory.
-A jungle in India, from the point of view of a tiger. There is a lot of joy in this one.

-A plane trip. This will feature a moment of looking in the mirror in a bathroom stall - she'll be fourteen.
-Having a conversation with a well-dressed man about the benefit of wearing Jimmy Choos in London over Miu Mius. This conversation is sort of stupid and she pretty much gets that.
-Looking down from a tree on a hill, overlooking an orchard of oranges in Mexico. People are picking oranges, and she spots two people kissing against the trunk of one of the trees, illicitly.

-Being trapped in a tight, metal box. This memory smells bad, and it will feel like it's been days. When the box opens, she basically comes out and eats the people who kept her in there, so it's very, very violent.
-Killing a vampire in Los Angeles. Does not end in eating but does end with the girl who she found the vampire feeding on dying, too.
-Accidentally maiming a guy who she had been dating. The guy grabbed her by the wrist and she broke all the bones in his hand.

Annie Sawyer

Thoughts, cravings, sensations

-This intense feeling of love she feels for the people in her life life Mitchell and George, that's love and protection and there's a little fear there that she might get left behind.
-The fear from purgatory
-The smell of tea brewing
-The smell of Owen's cologne


-Getting a job at the pub!
-Being seen (the first scene from the first episode, with the pizza guy)!
-Making fun of George for something undoubtedly stupid.

-The infamous "house meeting" scene where Mitchell and George have breakdowns over "The Real Hustle"
-Losing her virginity. It is super awkward.
-The afternoon with Gil, the most ridiculous ghost from the 80s.

-Memories of purgatory. Getting shuffled from room to room, so on.
-Watching George's transformation. Please note that by the time this memory begins, it will be impossible to tell it's George. It finishes with Annie rentaghosting away.
-Saul. (basically this scene has some sexual harrassment and assault, please choose this accordingly.)

Seraphim Dias

Feelings, thoughts, cravings

-There is some intense musical stuff here. Like a lot of music, all the time.
-Fear of everything. No, really.
-Intense insomnia, for extra insomnia on top of insomnia.
-Some really complex math proofs may just appear in your character's head.


-Singing. She will actually be the one singing as a soloist in the school choir!
-Messing around with her brother (who is PBed by the actor Louis Hunter) and putting makeup on him! Again, she'll be speaking in this!
-This one is from the TQ - it's flying with Sirius in the O2 gardens on makeshift brooms!

-Math class. This one will be a boring math class that SHE finds boring.
-Writing out a long proof on a piece of butcher paper, one that she understands as music.
-Getting a speeding ticket. The cop will be staring at her boobs the whole time even though she's fifteen. I realize this can be uncomfortable, note that accordingly! Towards the middle her brother, riding in the passenger seat, tells him off, and he's too embarrassed to do anything, so he lets them off, and her brother says he's reporting the guy. She rattles off his badge number.

-Having her mother basically redo her room when she's out at school and turn it into a sewing room because her mother forgot she exists. That will be a really intense part of this particular memory - that people are forgetting she exists.
-Meeting angels. The ones in her world are pretty fucking terrifying - they are more along the biblical description, so you know, giant rings covered in eyes, that kind of shit.
-Hearing God's Voice. It's not pleasant.
-Her brother picking her up after a meeting with the school counselor and telling her to stop acting like such a freak and just talk already. She's basically feeling like nothing, in this particular memory.

AGAIN! if you want more details, anything else, please let me know. If we reserved something and you don't see it here just inform me (I probably left it out because we had discussed it!)
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Give me a pairing and a prompt

and I'll produce a fic.

Help me squeeze out some creativity.
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I have words.

So give me something to do with them!

Pairing, character, and prompt. Prompt can be images or words or lyrics or anything except numbers because I don't do that shit.

Don't have a DW account? Comment with a character account, I don't care. Just give me something to do with all these words!


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